Tips For Fresh Graduates

19 May

More than 7000 fresh Graduates expected in the Kenyan Job market this Semester alone. Most of them after sitting for their final papers in April/May 2011 are awaiting Graduation mostly around August,September and October. The questions in their mind are what do i do to land that dream Job? How do i fit back into the society? Where are all those good friends i had in college….. Life outside college is just so so weird.

The Transition Period

To many this happens to be the toughest transition ever. once out of college life changes things happen so fast, as if in a different planet all the college life seems lost.The college partying, Independence , own room, while in college money is easily available from parents and friends, cheap meal in college canteens….. all these are the privileges lost when one steps out of the university gate. But this can be the best time to reorganize your life and put it back to track. Here are a few Tips on how to prosper out here.

The Dos and Don’t

1. Start a project- Starting an Income generating activity is the best step while out here. you now have ample time to think and make yourself productive. don’t lazy around watching TV. it is not about starting so big. start something that will earn your a coin to enable you send applications for jobs, travel for interviews, buy a newspaper, make copies of your resumes. This will give you the most needed attribute the peace of mind. without income life can be hostile.

You don’t have to start big. From experience starting a small scale business in your rural area/District HQ can be much more cheaper than Nairobi or other big cities. Don’t just finish your last paper and there you are Traveling to Nairobi, it can turn out to be very frustrating especially if you do not have someone to support you financially in the city and offer Accommodation. but if you have an established business in the village and employ someone to man it S/he can be sending you some proceeds either daily or weakly to help you meet your personal needs.

2.Don’t hole yourself in your rural village- Some who grew up in the village do think after college you pack up and go back to the village. That should be just for a few months relaxing your brains and put in place strategies on how you will Survive in the city. You may not have a reliable relative in the city, Gang up with 2 or 3 of your former college mates and rent a single room in the city to hustle from. Life might be difficult but you are close to the world. can access a newspaper, internet cheaply and be in touch with college mates who already got a job. Information is power. your business idea/project should come in hand at this time.

3.Be in touch with your college folks- This will help you access valuable data on available vacancies and other opportunities. Especially those who are already engaged in some income generating activities will be a very good avenue to open up your doors. They make better friends when it comes to morale boost and positive thinking. Be in the group you fit. Be with people you can reason with people who can give a worth advice when need be. People whom you can give your resume to submit to their employers.This has even been made easier through social networks. Occasionally give them a call and ask what is new in the market.

4.Apply for jobs- Don’t wait for your dream job go for it. make sure all the advertised jobs that need graduates in your area of interest are acted upon. there is a misconception that you must have a godfather to push for your application it is not always so, some employers are equal opportunity employers simply use merit. Luck will not come your way unless you make a move towards it. you will realize the harder you try the more luckier your become. make a list of your potential employers. Don’t be afraid to send them a blind application it does not hurt to do so. visit there websites career pages more often. online job blogs are coming up and have some good posts. internet is the best way to search for jobs much better than newspaper and the worst is hoping from one office to another asking for vacancies i think this no longer works. For the first job don’t be so choosy be liberal. we all start somewhere but end up where we want.

5.Plan your time-Set a side at least two hours per day to search for jobs and make applications, a few hours for recreation and spend better part of your day on income generating activities. Don’t limit yourself to the so called white collar jobs. working in small enterprises here and there keeps you busy and engaged. when you will land that interview opportunity the employer will ask you what you’ve been doing since your graduation.

6.Be patient- while the dream job has not come your way don’t lose hope. all your close friends already got a job except you, don’t feel jealousy for them use your relationship with them to your advantage, something is out there for you. you need to give your self strength and focus.

7.Enjoy thy self- Be happy enjoy your life out of college. visit places. don’t let all the hustle engulf you. once in a while loose your head and do those craze things you used to do while in second year. And if you get that job life will never be easy pressure at work place, deadlines but live large within your means. The boss who might not like you, yah you’ve no experience remember. it is all about life within or outside college.



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6 responses to “Tips For Fresh Graduates

  1. ted

    August 23, 2011 at 9:18 am

    what about tips 4 freshers

    • whesongerwealth

      November 23, 2011 at 12:02 pm

      Fresh students in campus!! it will be great fun to learn those tricks the hard way………….. be adventurers and inquisitive to learn

  2. Moses

    May 21, 2011 at 9:59 am

    how do one set up a biz yet very broke. i remember when i finished college my life was very frustrating i had no cash my advise is they should start small businesses while still in college.

    • whesongerwealth

      November 23, 2011 at 12:04 pm

      sometimes jingling both academics and business can be very difficult. but if one can that is the best way to go @moses

  3. irene

    May 19, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Thanks so much,i think i know wat now am supposed 2 do.dis site is da best.

    • whesongerwealth

      May 20, 2011 at 6:39 am

      @ Irene. Life is all about making right decisions, welcome to world outside campus


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